Hi all, Really sorry I have been very quiet these last couple of weeks. It really has been a manic time working on a friend’s upcoming  production, and then there was “Express” a one day event combining Personal Styling and Life coaching hosted by yours truly and life coach, Heike Prentice. It was an absolute blast, so look out for news on the next event lined up. 

I have had it on my mind to write about colour and the importance and impact of it. As an image consultant, it is one of my favourite areas of styling, helping people to discover their most flattering colours and how to use colour to reflect their personality and personal values and qualities. So that said, I will be writing a series on colour analysis and how to know your best colours and colour season. So here goes….. [click to continue…]


Shopping On A Shoestring Budget

by Oby on March 2, 2011

A conversation I had the other day with a friend went like this “Wow I love that dress, French Connection right?” and she replies with a half smirk- half grin “nope, it’s from F&F”.  “Nice, is that a new brand” I asked?  “hehehe, girl where have you been, it’s Tesco’s clothing brand”. “No way!!! You lie, Tesco’s?!!”  was my shrieked reply.  

 I knew the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda sold clothing but I had always doubted the quality hence I kept my purchases to simple things like vests, t-shirts for the gym and on one occasion, a desperately needed swimsuit, when hubby dearest took me away on a surprise weekend spa and forgot to include one.  However it seems I had been a bit ignorant about the improved standards in Supermarket fashion brands and their competitive desire to steal their share of the high street’s takings.  I always laugh at my sister who loves George by Asda, but to be fair she always comes back with some nice pieces. [click to continue…]


How to maximise your wardrobe

by Oby on February 22, 2011

 Research has it that on average we only wear 20% of our wardrobe. Can you imagine…20%!  When you think about it, the unused 80% represents cash that could have been put to much better use and investment. If you are someone who buys expensive clothes, then we are probably talking the price of a brand new Mini Cooper, or maybe a second hand Z4. Sorry I don’t know much about cars, but I’m sure you get my drift.

So why do we only wear 20% of our wardrobe?  It’s actually not rocket science, just that we are creatures of habits or should I say bad habits…

Here are top reasons I have deduced… sound familiar?

Out of sight, out of mind – this is really down to poor display and arrangement of clothes. The reason for this is mostly due to lack of space (but sometimes laziness!), especially for those of us living in the UK. Unlike our American counterparts who have walk-in wardrobes (or closets as they like to call it), many of us have very limited space to hang all our clothes. But this really is the top reason. Where possible try to hang as many of your clothes as you can. Keeping your clothes in drawers or boxes usually leads to you forgetting you had them in the first place.   I would actually advise that you arrange all the same style clothes together. For example all the shirts should be displayed together and then all the skirts etc. This just helps you to find your clothes a lot easier without having to wade through your whole wardrobe. If you do not have enough space then you could have clothes over each other, say a shirt over another, but keep it to minimum of two items. [click to continue…]


Top Tips for Choosing The Right Man and Bag!

February 14, 2011

Just the other day I was writing an article for my blog, titled ‘Top tips for buying an IT bag’, when it struck me how easily applicable the same rules are to finding the right Man!  Ladies you know how it is, you are at a store, you find your eyes fixed on this gorgeous [...]

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Style Makeover & Photoshoot Offer!

February 14, 2011

       Spring Makeover & Photoshoot Special for our lovely ladies!!  This is a fantastic opportunity to get Styled and Shined. A full style makeover in the comfort of your home. I will address your style challenges, advise you on how to create a new signature style, you’ll be treated to a wardrobe weeding service.  You will learn [...]

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Love is in the Air

February 9, 2011

Five more days to Valentines!  Although I don’t usually celebrate it, after a cold and dreary January, Christmas feels like yonks ago and I don’t think I can wait until Easter for another celebration. So here goes!! Well if like me you deserve a treat but don’t want to break the bank, have a look [...]

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Make February count!

February 1, 2011

I am so glad to finally see the back of January! Hello February, the month of love… Usually by this time of the year, Christmas and the New Year feel like a life time ago and resolutions are now distant broken promises. Here’s a very inspiring note to Style n Shiners, from friend and Life Coach Heike Prentice on re-evaluating New Year’s resolutions and making them stick [...]

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How to be a comfortably elegant mum part 2

January 31, 2011

How to be a comfortably elegant mum part 2 It can be difficult to put together a functional wardrobe that addresses every aspect of your lifestyle and personality, however doing so will save you money, time and early morning bouts of frustration when you just can’t find anything to wear. If you haven’t already,  take a look at my is this you? [...]

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How to be a comfortably elegant mum part 1

January 26, 2011

Hey everyone, really sorry I’ve been under the radar, due to being snowed under with a tonne of work. This blog is dedicated to Eunice who asked me to write a piece for mums.  So where should I start? There is a lot to write so I thought it best to concentrate on three main [...]

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How to be Stylish by Oby

January 17, 2011

 At the start of a style session the first question I ask my client is this “Fashion or Style; which word best describes you” and typical responses to my question are “Sorry what’s the difference?” or “Aren’t they one and the same?” To which I then have to give a mini session on the difference. [...]

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